Daenerys Targaryen Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen has faced a tough time in managing the ruler as Meereen. Reason is she had received so many threats from her surroundings. Some people from the Meereens slave families, used to call themselves as heirs of the harpy. They all had a fought with the Dany’s followers. They gave a continuous attack on the freedmen during the nights. They had a motive of destroying all the followers of Daenerys Targaryen.

Generally in Meereen, men used to wear an oiled red and black hair in many different shapes according to their homage culture. Now they all turned to serve their serve Daenerys Targaryen  with their loyalty. Usually the men of meereens are known with the name shave pates. They all have led by the great king shahazmo kandaq.

 daenerys targaryen

3 Fighting companies were create by the mother of dragons, she gathered the men from the freeman. 3 companies are named as Free brothers, Grey worm and Stalwart shields. These all groups were trained exclusively by the arms

Three fighting companies were also formed by Daenerys, their members comprised from her freeman. The company names are Mother’s Men,  Free Brothers; and Stalwart Shields. They have been receiving their training in arms from Grey Worm.

You remember the Daenery’s dragons? These all have grown up and started to hunt the sheep from the livestock.  One day a man came and complained dany that his 6 year old girl was attacked and killed by the dragon winged shadow. So in order to prevent such innocent killing mother of dragon had actually locked those dragons with the net and chain. When she have tried to capture the dragons she got the Viserion & Rhaegal. But the one that killed the child got escaped and disappeared.


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