Funny Wife T-Shirts

Funny Wife T-Shirts


The Funny wife t-shirt is an item of clothing, which is worn by boys, girls, women and men. This is a versatile garment that appeals to individuals in every generation: toddlers, babies, adolescents, adults and grandparents. Now’s t-shirt (T-shirt or tee) is normally made from cotton knitted in a jersey stitch that offers the material that ultra-soft and comfortable feel.

T-shirt designs evolved in the “union suit” or one piece long underwear.

T-shirts were designed as a garment that is lightweight, free generally with short sleeves and round neckline. The first t-shirt design was worn and white.

The name “T-shirt” came about due to the outline of top. It turned out to be a popular undergarment for individuals working in the agricultural sector. Boys and men wore it doing chores or working in farm fields. Boat and miners stevedores preferred to wear this kind of clothes, as it was cooler to wear in the hot surroundings where they worked.

Through the Spanish American War, the U.S.Navy embraced these slip on tops within the uniform. Sailors slept and regularly worked in hot, humid tropical surroundings. They are able to remove their uniform coats and work in the t-shirt. This prevented soiling of their top garment that was heftier.

The first white t-shirt has morphed right into various other t-shirt designs. The top that is normal is cut using a tail that stretches for the wearer to tuck the shirt in their trousers and with a crew neck, short sleeves.


Tank top

A shirt also called the “wife beater”

Muscle shirts


Scoop neck

Cropped to show the waistline



Baby doll

Marketing and Messages

Among the very flexible types of marketing is performed by putting a message and sometimes an image on t-shirts. T-shirt printers regularly use screen printing and digital layouts to spot messages or advertisements on the cotton jersey fabric. Water or plastisol based inks are applied through mesh screens to the top.





Renowned T Shirts

Memorable pictures of men and women came out of Hollywood. Elvis Presley taken on the cool appearance as a favorite part of his wardrobe while playing worn. With all this Big Screen activity, the T-shirt designs appearance ignited a new section in the fashion industry.


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