Decoding The 3 meanining in texting

If you are new to digital emotions, you may find this article interesting. What does 3 mean in texting? Your answer – When 3 is prefixed with special characters, the result is a digital emotion. Still not sure how that is possible? Here is the hint… you may need to tilt your head. These popular use of digital hieroglyphs have not cropped upright in the recent times. They have evolved over several years since their primitive induction in 1981.

Since humans are emotional beings, the logic of using a smiley in conversation helped a great deal. Although, it wasn’t prominently used in the initial times, it was quickly well-received by the mass. Adding a twist of emotions to the conversation fancied many users. The use of present day digital emotions are inseparable from an average person who texts or uses social media.

I will be shedding light on some facts on digital emotions, their introduction in the earlier times, and how are they created? Before the digital emotions became a phenomenon, texting was well… ordinary, and lacking luster. It was too formal, and the ability to connect to all users alike was missing. Some consider the earlier form of texting too monotonous. Then, in a curious mind, an idea birthed driving a need to notch up from the traditional form of messaging.

In the year 1982 that idea lit a bulb in the mind of one Scott Fahlman. It was the moment where the symbols were meant to propagate the notion of emotions. From that point ahead there was no looking back. Prior to the invention of symbols, a year earlier to be precise, shortcuts were introduced to streamline the texting experience. The present day’s shorthand is derived from the introduction of shortcut that occurred in the year 1981.

what does 3 mean in textingThe modern day digital emotions are made by the East Asian techies who remodeled the symbols to get a much beloved and the much accepted “smileys”. Unlike the symbols that were made available to users earlier, latest digital emotions that were created by the ASCII Net, Japan received a greater appeal. What does 3 mean in texting? Your answer right here.

Decoding The 3

“3” is preceded by special characters to get a meaningful symbol. The symbol resembles a heart when you use a lesser-than character. Here is a demonstration of that logic – add “<” before “3” to get “<3” now slant your head a little and you will see a heart shape. So if you are Joe, who loves Jenna, you could either say her “I love you” or rather express that feeling by typing “I ❤ U” while messaging her. If you found that interesting, there is more… you can improvise the use of one heart with many. Along with the regular “<3” you can add a couple of “3” after the “<”. So if you typed “<333” you would see three hearts.

Now that you learned to create a heart, you may ask is that all you can do with “3”? If using “3” to create heart isn’t your thing, you can prefix a colon before the “3” to get a goofy emotion – “:3” When you type this character, you will get a cute face. Also known as “dog’s jowl”. Since you learned the use of emotions, why not show off your skill to wield a “3” to your friends?


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